Set up AirPrint for Dell C1760nw color printer

Work from home (WFH) introduce a lot of request  of air-print. Every time I need to open Dell Document Hub to print because my printer Dell C1760nw does not support AirPrint by itself. 

Then I went to basement and found there is a very old Dell computer which is running windowsXP.  I plan to create a printer server by this old computer.

Step 1. install system. I selected ubuntu minimalCD (32-bit PC (i386, x86) Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver”). And then convert it to img file and write to a usb drive[ref]. 

  1. Download the ubuntu minimalCD file.
  2. Open the Terminal.
  3. Convert the .iso file to .img using the convert option of hdiutil:
    hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o mini.img mini.iso
    Note: OS X tends to put the .dmg ending on the output file automatically. Rename the file by typing:
    mv mini.img.dmg mini.img
  4. Run diskutil list to get the current list of devices
  5. Insert your flash media
  6. Run diskutil list again and determine the device node assigned to your flash media (e.g. /dev/disk3)
  7. Run diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN (replace N with the disk number from the last command – in the previous example, N would be 2)
  8. Execute sudo dd if=mini.img of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m (replace /path/to/downloaded.img with the path where the image file is located; for example, ./ubuntu.img or ./ubuntu.dmg).
    Note: Using /dev/rdisk instead of /dev/disk may be faster.
    Note: If you see the error dd: Invalid number '1m', you are using GNU dd. Use the same command but replace bs=1m with bs=1M.
    Note: If you see the error dd: /dev/diskN: Resource busy, make sure the disk is not in use. Start the ‘Disk’ and unmount (don’t eject) the drive.
  9. Run diskutil eject /dev/diskN and remove your flash media when the command completes
  10. Install the system and select CUPS printer server, openSSH server. Set up you username and password.

Step2. Sart CUPS server [ref].

  1. Open the file /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
    In the blocks:
    <Location /> , <Location /admin> and <Location /admin/conf>
    Add the following line :
    Allow all
  2. $ sudo systemctl restart cups.service 

Step3. Install printer driver. 

  1. Download Xerox Phaser 6000B series printer drivers.
  2. Extract the zip file contents and get a .deb file.
  3. $ sudo apt install ./xerox-phaser-6000-6010_1.0-1_i386.deb

Step4. Set up CUPS. Goto the server:631 port by    – on remote system   (Replace the IP). 

  1. admin>add printer.
  2. select Dell C1760nw printer
  3. select PostScript Printer Description (PPD) from Xerox > xerox-phaser 6000.
  4. print the test page. It should work. Otherwise get some help by google. 

Step5. Install avahi-daemon.

  1. $ sudo apt install avahi-daemon

  2. Download to generate a printer.service file.

    $ wget -O –no-check-certificate
    $ sudo apt install python-cups
    $ python
    sudo cp AirPrint-Dell_Dell_C1760nw_Color_Printer.service /etc/avahi/services/

  3. Start avahi-daemon.  
    $ sudo systemctl restart avahi-daemon

Step6. Enjoy your AirPrint.


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